How Do You Disinfect Tile Floors?

Tiles cleaning are very important to maintain its shine and appearance, maintaining the tiles in the proper way will not only make the tiles to look great but also it will increase the life of the tiles. Coming to the tile maintenance, cleaning alone is not actually important to make the tile shining. Even, you must equally concentrate on the grout lines to make your tiles look shiny and bright for long days.


With the help of simple household ingredients, you can make your tiles and grout line to shine well. Tile and grout cleaning require the simple application of detergent liquid or soap and water. If you are not aware of homemade solution you can use one of the popular commercial tile cleaners to clean the tile. disinfecting the tiles require strong chemicals and acids and you will have to disinfect the tiles when they are riddled with bacteria or covered with mildew or if you want to deep clean your tiles.

Disinfecting the tiles is very important especially the tile in the bathroom because bathroom tiles tend to bare many things definitely this will create room for bacteria, virus and other harmful pathogens. When you disinfect the tiles you will easily eliminate all these harmful pathogens from the floors. As results, you will notice clean tiles with 100% germ-free. You should keep in mind that all the tiles are not the same and all types of disinfectants are not suitable for all types of tile. Tile cleaning and Disinfecting are equally important when you are concerned about hygienic lifestyle. Based on the tile type you must carefully choose the disinfectant that will not harm your tile quality and appearance.


How to Disinfect the Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Mix ½ cup of ammonia in 1 mmonia, and borax are equally powerful to work effectively on the tile surface. These products are powegallon of water in the spray bottle. Add ½ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of borax to the water. This solution will help you to restore the shine on the tile surface. However, vinegar, arful disinfectants that will completely eliminate the bacteria, mildew, and stains from the tile surface.

  • Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle and give a good shake. Once the ingredients are mixed well you can spray directly on the surface, soak the mop in the same solution and spread it all over the tile floors.
  • Cover the tile floors completely with the solution because you need to disinfect each and every corner. Scrub the walls with a sponge and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Let the chemical sit on the floor and wall to complete their job. Now rinse the surface with cool water and remove the disinfectant. Leave the surface to air dry naturally.
  • Finally, your tile is not only bright and clean but also free from the bacteria and other contaminants.


Never try to mix bleach with ammonia because it will result in releasing highly toxic chemicals.


Tile Cleaning – Basics That You Need to Know

Cleaning tile floors is a dreary assignment that takes a considerable measure of time and exertion. The vast majority who work throughout the day don’t have sufficient energy or vitality to clean tiles on their days off or after they get back home from work.

Tile cleaning administrations make life a considerable measure less demanding for individuals who need clean tiles, however, don’t have sufficient energy or vitality to scour the tiles themselves.

The accompanying passages will expound about the different kinds of tile cleaning administrations and tips to choose a decent cleaning organization.Melbourne Tile and Grout CleaningThe tile cleaning administration that will be offered to you will rely on the kind of tiles you have. In the event that you have the block or Saltillo tiles then you will be offered tile stripping administrations or profound cleaning administrations.

In the event that you have Marble Tile Cleaning then you will be offered administrations like profound cleaning, scratch evacuation, cleaning and lippage expulsion. A few organizations additionally offer particular jewel cleaning administrations.

On the off chance that you have travertine floors then you will be offered profound cleaning, travertine sharpening, scratch evacuation, filling gaps, lippage expulsion and cleaning.

Melbourne Tile and Grout CleaningOn the off chance that you have slate floors then you will be given a decision to browse profound cleaning, cleaning, improving and fixing. A few organizations even change the shade of stone floors upon demands.

Since there are many organizations that spotless tiles it regularly gets mistaken for a great many people to choose one organization. The most ideal approach to choose a decent tile cleaning administration is to look online for surveys about different organizations.

There are numerous sites on the web that give impartial audits about cleaning organizations and a Google or yippee hunt will enable you to discover these surveys.

The other method to scan for a decent cleaning organization is to ask your companion and neighbors that have clean houses. Regularly than not these individuals pick proficient administrations to get their home cleaned.Melbourne Tile and Grout CleaningGreat tile cleaning organizations likewise give tips on keeping up your floor after they have been cleaned. Remember that great cleaning organizations won’t attempt to offer you pointless items or power you to take cleaning administrations that you don’t require.

Before enlisting with any cleaning administration you ought to likewise make inquiries and endeavor to decide whether the cleaning organization is occupied with bailing you out or in the event that they are just keen on your cash.

Most organizations that are keen on extending their client base will be happy to answer a couple of inquiries to demonstrate to you that they give it a second thought. It is constantly better to decide on a cleaning organization that is prepared to enable you to go out with your inquiries.Melbourne Tile and Grout CleaningThe cost of cleaning your Tile and Grout Cleaner will depend to a great extent on the kinds of tiles you have, the span of the tiles and the quantity of tiles that must be cleaned.

Many organizations offer rebates and advancements to individuals who get in touch with them on the web and most organizations offer rebates amid the Christmas season.

Best Ways to Restore Your Tiles and Grouts at Home

We all clean get our homes and offices cleaned regularly. We spent more time in our offices and homes. A lot of money is spent on the decoration and furnishing of our homes and offices. Most commonly used things in interior decoration are tile and grout. Bathrooms and kitchens are always fitted with tiles and sometimes their floors are tiled too. So we need to keep tile and grout cleaning in time. Tile cleaning can be done easily at home but grout cleaning requires some hard work. For Tile Stain Removal you can use home-based products and substances. And if you see any kind of algae or mould growth, you should always contact professional tile cleaners. Go through this easy guide for Tile And Grout Cleaning Perth and tile stain removalMaterials You will Need :

  1. Baking Soda or detergent
  2. A bottle of White Vinegar
  3. A spray bottle
  4. Cloth or paper towels
  5. Brush and a toothbrush

Follow the Steps Given Below For Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Step 1: Mix white vinegar and water in equal amounts. Stir the solution and pour it inside the spray bottle. Use this mixture and spray it over your tiles and grout. Spray continuously so that the solution stays on the tile and grout.

Step 2: Take the required amount of baking soda and add some water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste over your tiles and grout. Baking soda with vinegar is great for Tile and Grout Cleaning and is effective in tile stain removal and grout stain removal. leave this soda paste and vinegar over tiles and grout for a few minutes.

Step 3: Take your brush and brush your tiles continuously in circular motion keep brushing till you see there surfaces getting cleaned. A toothbrush can be used for grout stain removal. Use the brush to wipe off the edges and dullness from grout.

Step 4: After Tile Grout Cleaning  by soda and vinegar, you can wash off your tiles and grout with tap water. Pour the water around the walls and floors and make sure the grout is cleaned and removed of any soda-vinegar left over. A plain cloth should be used now to dry the tiles and grout. Tile and grout cleaning is done now.

Professional Assistance :

Our day to day lives are busy and we are constantly moving here and there. This hectic life doesn’t provide enough time for tile and grout cleaning. And if left uncleaned it may lead to the growth of algae and mould which can be harmful to you. Why wait and watch, hire our professional tile and grout cleaning services and lets your tiles shine brightly again. Our Domestic Tile Grout Cleaning are equipped with better equipment and chemicals for tile stain removal. Special brushes are used for grout stain removal. We are sure that you will get your tiles and grout shining back again.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner

Cleaning tile and grouts is not an easy task. Often it is something that many homeowners fear of doing. Aside from it being a tiring task, it can also take a lot of time to complete. There are many effective ways of cleaning tile and grout at home. But one thing you should seriously consider that at least twice in a year hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you.

Professional tile and grout cleaners have the right equipment, expertise and enough experience to deal with dirty, stained and ugly grout. If you are facing a lot of dirty tile and grout in your kitchen, bathroom and office, hire a professional cleaner for tile and grout cleaning is the right option for you. Here are some of the major advantages of hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner.

  1. Convenience – This is possibly one of the main benefits that many people look for in hiring a professional cleaner. It is just because hiring the professionals for tile and grout cleaning gives you relaxation and convenience that you can get nowhere else. You can simply make a call to them, schedule an appointment and they will do the cleaning for you.
  2. Professional Cleaning – There is a cause why they are called professional cleaners. This is because they have the skill and the training to clean your tile and grout completely to provide you full satisfaction. They also have the appropriate tools, techniques, and cleaning solutions to get your desired results. You can choose to do the cleaning by yourself, but you will not get close to the level of care and cleaning that they can give your tile and grout.
  3. Guaranteed Positive Results – Many professional tile and grout cleaning have this assurance and it really is a big thing to have. With a satisfaction guarantee from your cleaner, you will have the peace of mind and self-confidence that your tile and your grout will be sparkling clean once they are done. Guaranteed positive results are that you will not get by doing the cleaning yourself, as you can end up destroy your floors if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

When it comes to clean your tiles and grout, you should avail the services from professional cleaners. You’ll enjoy a lot of advantages and have clean and sparkling floors without the harass and problems that it usually comes with.

Simple Ways to Clean Your Tiles and Grout for a Classy Appearance


Tile is the most favorite choice of most of the homeowners, homeowners choose tile as flooring for their kitchens, Bathrooms Tiles and living rooms in the home because of their glossiness and classy look. Tile look so classy and they are very easy to maintain when compared to other flooring materials.

Tile is an amazing alternative to carpeting. However, after some years, tile floor start losing its glossiness and color which will spoil your entire flooring beauty. The layer of dirt and grime build up on your floor and discolor and stain settled on the floor spoils the entire beauty of the interior décor of your home. The most common things that stain and discolor your tile floor are:

tile service perth

  • Routine exposure to dust, dirt, water, milk or oil or other liquid spills
  • Exposure to high level of dampness and low exposure to air which causes mold and mildew
  • Porous grout which absorbs spills easily
  • Soap scum buildup causes from mopping, bathing or showering.

How can you maintain tile floor?

Regular sweeping and mopping of tile will do better for you, although this is a regular part of household cleaning , this is more than enough to maintain the glossiness of the tile. Regular moping helps to prevent the tile from dullness, dirt, and spills. Tile floors require little extra love and care to keep them sparkle. Follow these tips to maintain their shine and beauty and tile and grout cleaning.

  • When some liquid spills on the floor, clean it immediately, this will avoid discoloration of the tile
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor tile regularly to remove dirt and debris to keep them dry on the tile.
  • After mopping, rinse it with water to remove the detergent left on the floor
  • Avoid using strong chemicals such as bleach, other cleansers on tile floor because it damages the sealant on the tile.
  • Rinse or wipe the bath tiles after bathing to remove the soap scum to prevent the mold.

Natural ways to clean the tile

It is best to use items which are easily available at home to clean your tile instead of looking for professional help. Consider some natural methods to clean your tile and grout which will keep it sparkling and clean for a long time. Add citrus cleaner such as orange peels to the quart of white vinegar in the closed container and soak it for two weeks. Mix it a mixture with water and in a spray bottle. Use this liquid for cleaning floors, fixtures, bathrooms, and kitchen. The floor will shine and smell good for long time.


Baking soda scrub

Remove the stains with baking soda is a brilliant tip to keep the tile floor clean for a long time. Mop your floor using this DIY cleaning recipe; ¼ cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of detergent liquid, ¼ cup of baking soda and 2 gallons of warm water. Even add few drops of lavender oil for fresh fragrance. This will maintain the cleanliness and spreads amazing lavender fragrance in your home.

And also if you want expert cleaning than hire Marks Tile Grout Cleaning Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners in Melbourne by just one call.

5 Common Tile Grout Cleaning Mistakes

If you are thinking of taking over the task of cleaning or installing grout by yourself just to save some cash, then think again. Grout cleaning is a mighty project which if taken upon will neither save you any time or stress. On the contrary, it may happen that you may poorly execute the task and hence it could cost you more in upcoming time.

Melbourne Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professionals who have expertise in these matters are highly recommended for performing Tile and Grout Cleaning tasks. It is a delicate job and requires skilled personnel from a licensed company. But if you are keen/adamant to do it yourself and then try to avoid the common mistakes which people do as mentioned below:-

  • Insufficient or nonexistent prep

There are many projects in life which will come your way and will not require any prior research or preparation. But grout removal and installation don’t come under such projects. The first and foremost step is to prepare the work space before you begin the job.

If you are re-grouting then do check whether the previous grout has been properly removed. Then while applying check whether the grout is mixed properly or else it won’t stick properly, leaving you with a big mess. You will find yourself paying more to fix the damage done than hiring a licensed company to do the job.

  • Applying too much or moving too slowly

You need to time perfectly while applying the grout. The most common mistake done is spreading too much grout while applying at once. Once the grout is poured it starts to harden. Hence you must move and shape it as fast as possible. Be sure to clean the tile after shaping it before the grout hardens unless there will be a regretful mess in the end. You must try to cover less area as possible in one application. If you apply more in one go then it will become a mess.

  • Using too much water

Generally, people tend to make use of the wrong type of cleaners and leave out the right kind of tools that are required for cleaning the grout. The main physical ingredients required are work, time and stress. While the materialistic ingredients are a bucket, brush, grout cleaner, towels. If you apply to much water or even extra grout cleaner then it may cause the adhesive under the tile to weaken leading to crumbling of the grout in due time. Abrasive materials and scrub can also cause the grout to crumble over time.

  • Using harsh chemicals

Since grout is a porous material, it will absolutely absorb all kinds of liquid applied to it. Cleaning chemicals which are acidic or even colored will lead to long-lasting damage and even discoloration. They can make the grout even more porous leading to accumulation of grime and dirt faster. There are 5 Materials You Should Never Use to Clean Tiles and Grouts.

  • It is enough to let the floors soak in soapy water.

If you cover the tiles with water, it can cause serious damage and hence cause you to spend more money to get it repaired. Most chemicals cause the dirt to stick as the tiles dry out. It sticks and collects to the soapy residue causing the tile and grout to be dingy again.

Cleaning Red Wine from Grout

It’s very important to clean the stains that spill on the floor properly in order to make your home look attractive and neat. Here are few tips, in case if you accidentally spill the red wine on the floor or on the grouts.

  1. It is best to start cleaning the red wine stains as soon as it falls on the floor or on the grout. Deep stains start vanishing depending on how fast you start cleaning the stains. You can blot the stains using a paper or a tissue to get rid of the red wine stains and Best Ways How To Clean Tile Grout. Avoid using the towels as it may stain the towel.
  2. Mix a dishwashing soap or a powder in warm water and using a paper towel you can clean the red wine stains on the floor.GettyImages-149285782-5a3c2632beba33003762e029
  3. You can also use table salt to clean the stains. Apply the powdered salt on the stain and let it dry for half an hour. Then wipe the salt with a paper and start cleaning with water to get rid of the stains. If the color remains as such, then you can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of those stains. Apply the hydrogen peroxide mixed with water mixture on the stains and let it dry for few minutes. Wipe it off later and clean the entire area with water.
  4. If the stains are deeply settled in the grouts then it would be hard for you to clean the stains on tile and grouts completely. In that case, you can make use of baking soda and bleaching powder mixture. Make a thick paste of bleaching powder and baking soda and then apply the mixture to the stained area. Start scrubbing the paste on the grouts and corners using a toothbrush or any of the cleaning brushes. Rinse the cleaning area with warm water and clean it off. Repeat the same step till the stains go completely.
  5. Using ammonia, white vinegar and baking soda is another method of cleaning the deep stains on the grouts. You will have to mix same quantity of ammonia, baking soda, and white vinegar. Make a paste of these chemical agents and then start applying it on the stains. Use the mixture again and again until the stains vanish. Clean the area with water later.
  6. You can also use a sponge dipped in soap or dishwashing powder and warm water mixture. Start scrubbing the area with the sponge in a circular motion. Rinse the area with warm water frequently and then clean the area.
  7. You can use lemon juice if the red wine stain is deep inside the grouts. Squeeze the lemon juice on the groups and then start rubbing the stains with a brush. Clean the area with water.
  8. White vinegar mixed with water mixture can also help you in cleaning the stains on the grout. Mob the floor with fresh water later. In the worst case, you can apply new grout on the old stained grout.

Keep Clean Your Tiles & Grouts with Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tired of your dirty grout? Floors just won’t come clean anymore? Let us come give you a free demonstration. Our Marks Tile Grout Cleaning Company has been cleaning tile and grout in the Melbourne area for over 10 years. We are licensed and Insured with an impeccable reputation. Our staff is friendly and reliable. CALL US 1800 287 709.

Tile Grout Clean

We have been in business for over 10 years. We believe customer service is second to none, building one happy customer at a time. Our staff is completely trained in all service.

Our cutting edge tile cleaning methods will produce tile and grout cleaning results like never before. Dirty grout ruins the look of any Floor. No more scrubbing on your hands and knees. We first treat your entire floor with our harmless acidic floor cleaner applied to tile and grout, next our technician will hand scrub your grout lines, after that we use our powerful cleaning machines WITH STEAM to clean your grout. We get great results on cleaning tile floors, stone, kitchens, counter tops, backslashes, showers, tubs, bathrooms, patios – anywhere that has tile and grout. Using a specially developed cleaning solution and high-pressure, hot water rinse within a fully enclosed vacuum system, we can restore the gleam to your stone or ceramic tile and grout surfaces. Using the latest in cleaning technology our method pressure washes the surface while simultaneously extracting all the built up grime.tile cleaningWe also suggest using our high quality sealer on your stone, Tile and Grout Cleaner after it has been cleaned. This protecting barrier penetrates and blocks the surface of the grout or stone efficiently resisting the penetration of foreign materials making it much easier to keep clean. And sealers minimize the possibility of staining and increases the time available to pick up the staining materials before it can become permanent. Sealing simply helps keep your flooring looking its best much longer.

Cheap Home Remodeling Tips – Cleaning Of The Tiles And Grout

If you want to remodel your home economically you should use the following tips, because sometimes we can spend a lot of money on simple things that do not take much effort or which do not require so much investment, only requires a little dedication and to be very clear of what you want to achieve in your home.

In the case of the remodeling of homes, a certain level of savings must also be sought, however, this does not mean that quality should be allowed to escape or left behind, as we must remember that our environment is important.

There are lots of tips to save money when decorating your home and you can do great things with a few cheap items.


 You can get an adhesive tape of many different colors and do not have a high cost at all, in fact, it is very economical, but for the decoration of the houses, you should not use the normal transparent or that color little flashy.

It is better to buy pink, yellow, blue and other colors, of course it should not look like a carnival, but you can use the colors as you like, just take the adhesive tape and decorate the wall as you want, it is especially suitable for a female room, it is recommended to use rubbing colors on a white wall because it looks splendid and very bright.

If you want to paint the groups, they can be used to avoid protruding from the edges of the grout and to paint the tiles, since this kind of stain can’t be Tile & Grout Restoration Services when they dry.


Junto a unas baldosas limpias, por ejemplo las de la cocina, te puedes permitir ciertas libertades, es decir, si quieres tener un retrato en tu casa puedes tomarle una foto a tu mascota, consigue una hoja de papel amarillo, imprime la foto, recórtala por la silueta y la pegas al fondo sobre la lechada, tendrás un retrato de mucho estilo y presencia que harán de tu hogar un lugar más lindo.


Puedes conseguir varias placas de auto o de moto y pegarlas en la pared de algún dormitorio turnando estas aplicaciones con sobrantes de baldosas de colores, Tile and Grout Cleaning , recomiendo sea en la habitación donde resida una persona del género masculino.

Esta clase de decoración le da una apariencia más rudimentaria y masculina a la habitación, es recomendable tener mucha variedad en cuanto a años y ciudades de origen con respecto a las placas de auto.



Para remodelar tu casa de forma económica también es recomendable diseñar tu propia alfombra, para ello solo es necesaria una tela antideslizante y telas viejas que tengas en tu hogar, para dar un aire más sólido se pueden usar pequeños trozos de baldosas rotas.

Para tu diseño solo tienes que cortar la tela que tengas ya sea de camisas o sabanas viejas y usar los pedazos que sean del mismo tamaño y meterlos en los orificios de la tela antideslizante, Title Cleaning, colocando unos pequeños trozos de baldosas en los bordes, así obtendrás una alfombra muy frondosa y agradable a la vista, sin duda hará lucir a tu hogar muy original.

Melbourne Tile and Grout Cleaning

How and Why to Hire the Tile Cleaning Services

The tile cleaning services are one of the main problems faced daily by those who want to maintain an environment free of impurities and at the same time aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Those who move not only inside their homes, but also in public spaces where this type of decoration is used, both on the floor and on the walls, sometimes encounter problems in the tile cleaning services.

Tile clean

Costs are critical and the procurement of products for the tile cleaning services sometimes makes it difficult to achieve the objective.


The questions that housewives, cleaning staff and companies dedicated to this work ask themselves on a daily basis, how can we maintain the hygiene and beauty of the tiles, that is, how can we count on a good tile cleaning service?

The answers are not always quick because to have a good Local Tile and Grout Cleaning, it is not enough to just dial a phone number and test the results of this type of product.

The search should not be limited to this option, but to trying to find multiple solutions to the problem because although it is true that a company specialized in the tile cleaning services can momentarily solve the problem, it is no less true that the costs that this entails, limit the selection of this path.

The situation becomes more difficult when verifying that the cleaning obtained with a good tile cleaning service will be a monthly, fortnightly, weekly and sometimes daily demand, depending on the type of traffic and the number of people moving around the site under attention.

tile & grout cleaning

The mentioned problem, however, presents two areas, the cleaning of the tile itself and the cleaning of the joints of the tiles, in response to which a good and easy solution arises to achieve the adequacy of the tile cleaning service.

What is the product that we can use to achieve our cleaning objective and who will do the work? There is an easy solution. To perform a good service of cleaning tiles and grouts, it is enough to place bicarbonate in such joints and add either hydrogen peroxide or muriatic acid, also a specialized house will offer its services, is a matter of decision, costs, speed and ongoing maintenance.

The recommendation would be to opt for bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide when deciding that we will take care of the tile cleaning service ourselves as it is a less dangerous solution. In the next section we will explain how to achieve clean and beautiful tiles.


The selection of bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide for the tile cleaning service as the safest option determines that such elements are watered over the tile joints.

It is necessary to wait between fifteen and twenty minutes for this mixture to take effect; then, with a brush, rub the joint of the tiles and finally, wipe a wet cloth over them and the grout to obtain the best, easy, safe, economic and accessible the tile cleaning service.